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Being an illustrator narrative is one of the most important things to consider when creating any art piece.  When you think of the title of our profession as a ‘visual communicator’ it is evident that we as artists must successfully explain an article or tell a story through the use of image and sometimes text, meaning we must recognise and practise how to communicate ourselves or the brief we have been given visually.  One masterpiece that I feel does this extremely well is the 2010 animation ‘The Illusionist’ by Director Sylvain Chomet. It is about a French illusionist who finds himself out of work and travels to Scotland where he meets a young woman who believes he is a real magician.  Their adventure changes both their lives forever as he takes her under his wing as a daughter like figure.  The original screenplay was written by Jacques Tati and adapted by Chomet.  I find the illustration in the film so beautiful and the use of music and subtle humour really told the story tremendously well and was able to do so with very limited script.  It is a semi silent movie with mumbled fragments of dialogue.  The mood of the characters was always evident and it was exciting to watch and visually read how the two main characters relationship grew and flourished.  I was living in Edinburgh at the time of going to see this animated film and seeing the cinematic excellence and beautiful scenes of the Edinburgh cityscape and seaside being brought to life was truly magical.


modernism and post modernism

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After attending lectures on both modernism and postmodernism I really began to understand to the full extent the differences between them both and the correct way of explaining those differences.  A thirst for more information about them became evident.  Many believe that postmodernism was a resposnse to modernism and hense consider them as two aspects of the same movement.  Modernism was characterised by a dramatic change in thought, whereby human intellect sought to improve their environment in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.  Modernism was based on using rational, logical means to gain knowledge while the postmodern era was based on unscientific, irrational thought process, as a reaction to modernism. Postmodernism came about after the second world war and especially after 1968.  As I learnt more and more about how to differentiate the two I started to think about all of the galleries I had been to that exhibited important modern artists that had done their bit helping shape modernist and postmodernist thought.  Starting with modernism, what came to mind firstly was the exhibition I had seen in the Orangerie, Paris with the series of big water Lilly paintings by Monet.  These were such incredible masterpieces to see in real life in which the scale and beauty completely overwhelms. In terms of postmodernism I recall an exhibition with Jeff koons and Gilbert and George and an exhibition in the Saatchi gallery, London with the likes of Hirst, Emin and Mueck, whom personally I believe to be extremely exciting, relevant artists.

Playboys first illustrated cover in 23 years.

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I recently came across this article on how Sarah ‘Inkymole’ Coleman discusses creating playboys first illustrated cover in 23 years.  As an illustrator I see this as a very positive thing for modern design.  Having such an established, well-known magazine opting for a change and returning to illustration may influence or encourage more design companies to follow in this direction, which can only mean good things for young illustrators now such as myself.  Illustrated typography is the main content ‘Inkymole’ produced for the issue, which is a very popular art form today and something I have experimented with and am interested in practicing more and more.  I think the cover ‘Inkymole’ has created is very pleasing on the eye and makes a nice change from the usual graphic layouts.  By clicking on the picture it will link you to the article which interviews the artist and shows excellent close up photos of the beautiful intricate illustrated typography she has created.

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