Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble Promotion Package (click on images to enlarge and zoom)

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Accompanying poster suite

6 individual poster designs for 6 of the Ensemble’s events





Series of 6 Posters- As a whole

Arranged as they would be when collected from each event



Scottish Referendum

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Poster commission by the Guardian for the scottish vote for independence

Featured in The Guardian G4 magazine and website, the STV website and The Scotsman website

click titles for links to the published articles



All watched over by machines of loving grace

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Poster designs

Part of the Manufactured Landscapes exhibition at Tin Roof Studios, Dundee

A series of screen printed posters for a play based on the documentary “All watched over by machines of loving grace”, an intense, confusing, yet interesting insight into the minds of scientists and thinkers…

All 3 linked with the use of my new investment of shimmering silver paint… a dream to work with

46cm(wide) x 63.4(long)

£20 each




Hangout Dee

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logo design for a community based social media/art project in Dundee.

We ask our followers for their favourite places to eat, drink, party, hangout in Dundee, and the top suggestions will be made into illustrations by a collective of 4 artists



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Ive recently been doing a lot of printmaking, mostly litho and screen print.

I’ve become a lil obsessed so there will be LOTS more to come.  Most of it is quite big in scale so proper documentation of the prints will need done soon but for now here are a few sneak peaks




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uni project-

The idea was to design what we thought the future of money will be.

I decided the future of money will be that there will be no banks and everybody controls and manages their own finances through the use of a website/app.

I designed an app for this purpose called “iBank”

After designing the future of money our task was to create a double page spread of the idea which will later be compiled together into a magazine with the rest of my classmates idea of the future of money

click on images and zoom to see the details clearly





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This was a uni project where we had to create an info graphic/poster for a Spacewire mission, which will soon be compiled into a magazine


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