Illustration Projects

selection of illustrative projects i’ve done in and out of college including works for picture books, book covers, poster designs, magazine covers and such. Click to enlarge.



Series of posters advertising a play based on the documentary ‘All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace’

A confusing yet extremely interesting and abstract insight into the minds of scientists and thinkers…

“We are all soft machines” controlled by an onboard computer





uni project-

The idea was to design what we thought the future of money will be.

I decided the future of money will be that there will be no banks and everybody controls and manages their own finances through the use of a website/app.

I designed an app for this purpose called “iBank”

After designing the future of money our task was to create a double page spread of the idea which will later be compiled together into a magazine with the rest of my classmates idea of the future of money

click on images and zoom to see the details clearly



britishness and martial values

britishness 2



uni project- poster/infographic for spacewire missions




uni project- to illustrate 3 scenes and design a book cover for ‘The Heart Of Darkness’ by Joseph Conrad

monoprint & digital collage

HOD1-crop HOD2-crop HOD3-crop




uni project, illustrating Eden




Uni project/competition

Response to Gustav Holst’s composition, The Planets




Uni project- Montage

To create collages on emotions selected at random, which had to include; photography, attention to colour, drawin line and typography

In order: anxious, disgruntled, overwhelmed, overjoyed

anxious finite disgruntled final overwhelmed finished clouds finished3



Uni project.  TUBES. Photography/book project

collection of photographs taken of the flumes coming out of the dundee leisure centre, following the journey of the slides.
All black and white for a clean crisp look, high contrast photographs.
brief was to create a book using photography whilst incorporating a story into it

IMG_1588 IMG_1590 IMG_1591



Uni project.  After choosing a location at random (M8 Motorway, Scotland, notorious for traffic jams) I was to create, illustrate and advertise an event to happen there. (I wish it was but this is not a real event)


Jam on M8



campaign to raise awareness for the homeless community

poster 1poster 2poster 3



double page spread for ‘Claudia the cloud’, children’s book written by my dad, made as a birthday gift to him

The Kite Runner book jacket

The unfulfilling yearning of charley the peewit- picture book


poster for NHS Fife

Black Swan



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